Jellica and Ray Manta – Oiseaux

i always feel a bit uncomfortable posting about my own stuff

we made a bird themed C64 music disk. you can also grab a version that runs on a C64 or an emulator on CSDB

i used to like birds but now im playing elden ring im not such a fan any more

Jellica – #0colon

These come from a few jam sessions I had messing around with GoatTracker Stereo and a delay pedal. Beyond sharing these with a few people, they had been sat on my hard drive a few years. They have now been tidied up, mastered and presented in a more coherent release. Bit Rot seemed like the ideal location for them, thanks to their focus on more abstract works made with old computers and consoles.

A lot of it was made by removing all the percussion and bass from various existing songs, slowing the tempo right down, and drenching the remaining textures in delay to form new abstract soundscapes.