more weekly beats 2018


i love how this checking out chip stuff in weekly beats 2018 thing has basically just become a nullsleep fan blog.

oh and dont forget bleo tracker music fans. sorry i cant be fucked to make any fan art for him.

rmk hasnt posted in weeks :(((((((((

HarleyLikesMusic – Steel City Zone

i guess i probably wouldn’t normally post about LSDJ dance bangers but this release is pretty fun, focusing on heavy rhythms and cowbell samples rather than endless uplifting melodies.

asa9000 – Amiga Tech Dance

I can’t work this one out.

Either it’s a genius abstract deconstruction of Amiga tradscene music, or it’s a total mess.

That’s probably why I’m enjoying it.

Gesceap – Novum

really chilled and claustrophobic acidy bubbles and things nanoloop iOS style from gesceap aka mister spastic

Loser Crew Recordings

a couple of new Gameboy camera/Trippy-H stuff from Loser Crew Recordings

Weekly Beats 2018 update

i thought i’d check back on chip music in Weekly Beats 2018. i wrote this a few weeks ago 🙁

theres a few weeks of modular industrial and ambient but now we gets a bit NES with a nice old skool jungle feel. Come on My Selector.

there’s a couple more beautiful LSDJay tracks. i’m really enjoying these littles.

a couple a nice new nanotracks.

RMK continues to put out the most amazing NES music. seriously listen to this.

bud has got on some tracker shit. that huh space cover was unexpected?

bleo continues with that soxy pig funk. also everyone should tag their songs peter swimm.

i also discovered:

12 lsdj rock rap songs? all about pizza? ok yeah lol.