August 2014 – KR071

Download Link

​possibly for kittenrock release xoxoxoxo <3 <3 <3
mostly FM TFM/VGM tracker shit, BLDYmou

June 2014 – KR070

Download Link

Joss Manley and his friend Ed Davies (Goobliter) made some music. It is messy and squelchy and made using lots of different things (including old computers and consoles) and it made a really nice alternative sound track to the lovely Shadowrun Returns game when you get fucking sick of the drum and bass track that plays over and over again when you are in combat. This is incomprehensible cyberpunk music. Sorry.

Big Chip, ESC & Dauragon – Bitches 2
January 2014 – KR069

Download Link

I don’t really know what the bitches thing is all about. I asked and was told that it might be an old #8BC IRC joke but that it might now be about dogs and misogyny.

I guess things change. Should we judge artists for personal views? Or just misplaced irony from 4 years ago? Anyway some of this is glitchy and some of this is chirpy reggae and some of this is moody beats in a sort of album from three different artists.

1-BIT WIZARDS – The Journey Begins
July 2013 – KR067

Download Link

After more than one year of delay, we finally present you this unique compilation of 1-bit music. All tracks were composed for the ZX Spectrum 48K home computer and its monophonic beeper.

Lush fuzzy chords, clickly percussion, yup this is everything you need for a quality Speccy bleeper release!


Biographs – Notes
March 2013 – KR066

Download Link

Hey, we have a new release! New Biographs as well!

I guess this release falls somewhere between Burial and Boards of Canada but using Nanoloop 2.1 as a sound source.

More beautiful mellow atmospheres. I don’t really know what else to say really. I hope this has sold it to you.

Jowell Ghanter – Phu Jowells
December 2012 – KR065

Download Link

Huh, yeah, so this was the description in the text file I got sent with this epic two hour release:

With the body of Steven Seagal, the head of a tiger and a sword that can cut through bone, Jowell Ghanter truly is a force not to be messed with…

Basically, all you need to know is that this is by Joss Manley, his friend Alex and a bunch of different bits of hardware.

porno-UZI – Odalisque
September 2012 – KR064

Download Link

I guess that I am probably too old to know much about bass micro genres. Is this dubstep? Isn’t trap a particually alluring tranny? Why is electro now the same as dubstep but with more kick drums? Eugh. Anyway I liked the sound design and the cheeky riffs on this. It’s chunky and crunchy.

Biographs – Notations
July 2012 – KR063

Download Link

Another great demo that turned up in the Kittenrock inbox and one of those great artists that uploaded a few un-noticed eerie and beautiful (and now lost forever?) Game Boy tracks to 8bc. Composed using LSDJ and Nanoloop 2.3, Kittenrock presents a short EP of fuzzy rhythms, haunted bass lines and colourless yet stunning landscapes.

Virtual Kikumoto
June 2012 – KR062

Download Link

Ten esteemed chipmusic composers working on ten different computers come together with one aim – to wring pure ACID from their respective platforms.

The results demonstrate what various soundchips are capable of and, more importantly, rock the house. This is Virtual Kikumoto.

01 – Yerzmyey – Get Mad (Sinclair ZX Spectrum)
02 – Kplecraft – Shibatom (Nintendo Famicom)
03 – gwEm – 1990s Superbike (Atari ST)
04 – Linde – Beige Boxes (Sega Mega Drive)
05 – Joss Manley – Acid Chunks (Commodore Amiga)
06 – Goto80 – Acid Booger (Commodore 64)
07 – Matt Nida – Save The Date (Sony PSP)
08 – Jellica – Moving House and Decorating Acid Two (Nintendo Game Boy)
09 – Hizmi – DRTY PWDR (Sharp X68000)
10 – DS-10 Dominator – After the Afterparty (Nintendo DS)

(bonus track: Ikuma – TRibe 727 (Nintendo Game Boy and Roland TB-303)

Artwork: Raquel Meyers

esc – the future is a cold place
May 2012 – KR061

Download Link

The future sure is a cold place in esc’s mind. Industrial clonks, apocalyptic thuds and claustrophobic feelings make up this SID release. Or maybe the weather is just going to be cold rather than the future being an emotionally cold place.

Secret Lab – Dark Deep Desires EP
April 2012 – KR060

Download Link

Secret Lab is one of those wonderful chip musicians with no internet presence who just suddenly appears out of nowhere and drops a demo of several beautiful tracks in your inbox. He has been secretly synchronising underclocked Game Boys in Rome for several years now, creating a mass of swirling arps in a retro-futuristique synth disco kind of way.

Now – Synthesized Valentine
March 2012 – KR059

Download Link

Super sludgy slightly late for valentine’s day lofi synth wobble from London’s loverly avant-pop band Now.

Downstate – The Coin Paint E.P
February 2012 – KR058

Download Link

8 tracks of sub par warped garble made on a Nintendo Game Boy.

January 2012 – KR057

Download Link

We are very proud to present MISTER BEEP’s 4th album compiled for the ZX Spectrum 48K’s 30th anniversary. This collection of 9 tracks show off the capabilities of various beeper engines with their wonderful out of space grainy textures and old school feelings. Also includes guest tracks by Factor6 and irrlicht project.

infradead – and the goat makes FOUR!
November 2011 – KR056

Download Link

Another one of those pesky artists who use zany capitalisation. This is some straight up droney glitch outta space Game Boy stuff. There is also a rap. Everyone should have a rap.

Zazi – Branch
September 2011 – KR055

Download Link

A sad little floaty release for the start of autumn made with mutated things that sound nice.

Joss Manley – Amiga Dispair
August 2011 – KR054

Download Link

Joss Manley slapping it down wide once agin. Expect crazy acid squelch, intricate beats, breaks and mush all painstakingly put together with his trusty Amiga 1200 and Octamed. Oh and there are some raps too. Great.

µB – Corsair
July 2011 – KR053

Download Link

Pirates were pretty cool before Johnny Depp decided to play a Rolling Stone in some never ending series about a ride or something. Maybe they are still cool because of Johnny Depp. I’m not sure. Anyway, this nostalgic release will take you back to the days of unlicensed pirate Lego and never ending disk swaps because you didn’t have a hard drive.

Droid Song – rain
June 2011 – KR052

Download Link

A short EP of lonely atmospheric songs about the rain. I can’t that imagine that it rains much in California though. It doesn’t seem to in The O.C. trailers anyway, or any of the west coast rap videos. Yeah, these songs are very mornful.

kraettz – Battle Ground Microchip
May 2011 – KR051

Download Link

Throughout 2008 and 2009 a series of amazing intricate LSDJ breakcore tracks were uploaded to 8bitcollective and largely ignored in favour of the usual Game Boy melodic techno. Kittenrock has persuaded kraettz to re-record these breathtaking tracks as a proper release. Featuring exquisite drum programming and excellent glitchy sound design, this release seriously pushes the boundaries of what should be possible with a couple of Game Boys.

Kittenrock Duck Compilation
April 2011 – KR050

Download Link

Keeping ducks has become one of the most popular domestic hobbies in the past few years, stirring a revival of interest in the breeds, following many years of indifference. People keep them for many different reasons, increasingly they are to contribute to the family menu, their eggs are delightfully rich and their meat is delicious.

4mat, Zan-zan-zawa-veia, ovenrake, An-Cat-Max, Linde, Jellica and many more sought to join us as we celebrate the mighty duck through a duck themed chip compilation. Disappointingly, we only received two duckstep tracks…

Da Pantz – Uptown, Baby!
April 2011 – KR049

Download Link

Now if it wasn’t for the Bronx/ This rap shit probably never would be goin’ on/ So tell me where you from?/ Uptown Baby, Uptown Baby/ We gets down baby/ Up for the crown baby – Lord Taiq & Peter Gunz, “Deja Vú (Uptown Baby)”

On April 4th, 2009, I wrote the first song on this record; a post-it note featuring a crudely drawn arpeggiator became “Here Come the Pretzels!”, a reference to watching The Simpsons with my family that inspired me to explore the autobiographical nature of home.

A tribute to project housing and salsa music became “Elevators”. I synthesized the increasing acceleration of my cousin’s Chevy Tahoe into the EP’s title track. Most telling, however, is the album’s central effort, a celebration of friendship named after one of many physical connections to my peers throughout Brooklyn: “Triborough Bridge”. Indeed, while at first glance this seems to be yet another salute to the Bronx, a closer look reveals what’s really being said underneath the raucous shouts of “BX ALL DAY”: that it’s time to fucking party with my friends. Let’s GO! – Da Pantz

Kaputnik – Thirtsty Machine
March 2011 – KR048

Download Link

Deep warm cave minimal techno.

Dot.AY – Ceratopian Society
March 2011 – KR047

Download Link

Dot.AY wanted to be a paleontologist, instead he makes music on gameboys. This is an EP of dinosaur themed Chip Bass, an exploration in wonky beats, wobbly bass and all in all a LARGE sound. Created entirely using a single Gameboy to try and make the biggest fiercest least Video Game related sounds possible.

February 2011 – KR046

Download Link


FuturNari – Retrospective Forward Thinking
November 2010 – KR045

Download Link

Written using an Atari 2600 and a Game Boy with a strong emphasis on improvisation, Retrospective Forward Thinking is a glitchy floaty journey through the cosmos.

Joss Manley – tybe f
October 2010 – KR044

Download Link

Seriously minimal C64 acidy techno. Kick drums and basslines only!

August 2010 – KR043

Download Link

Atari ST sauvages indisciplinés rave briser la pierre du cirque mal.

ovenrake – For The Great Party ManJuly 2010 – KR042

Download Link

A chunky great slab of epic relentless dystopian Game Boy techno. While it occasionally strays into hypermelodic territory, it is quickly saved by inventive sound design, some wonky mess and the sense of space that using two synced Game Boys can provide.

Megatroid – Don’t Play Games With ChemicalsJune 2010 – KR041

Download Link

Laid back handheld squelchy DS fun. Drowse away the day.

Rico Zerone – Rico’s Extended Module Jam #1MAY 2010 – KR040

Download Link

16 minutes of sexy retro-futuristique module disco love!


Download Link

Brain mashing noisy electro and dark rave. One for fans of Jesus and Chris Crocker crying.

Da Pantz – On One ConditionAPRIL 2010 – KR038

Download Link

Chaotic industrial Game Boy soundtracks.

DJ Rioteer – Dj Set @ Monsters Of Cock TourMarch 2010 – KR037

Download Link

A splended little DJ mix of a bunch of electro, breaks, techno, IDM chippppy stuff that is/was available on vinyl. Mixed live by DJ Rioteer it features tracks by Lo-Bat, DJ Scotch Egg, gwEm, Bodenständig 2000 and many others.

DS-10 Dominator – The Smallest Party EverFebruary2010 – KR036

Download Link

As one of the rare artists who actually lives up to his boastful moniker, DS-10 Dominator has beautifully produced everything from squelchy slinky deep house, grimy electro, gabber, floaty electronica and angry duck music from his little Nintendo DS and put it all in this lovely hour long release.

Chalices Of The Past – WIZARDZZZDecember 2009 – KR035

Download Link

Hyperactive mutant pop music that seems to wonderfully combine the virtuosism of Max Tunda with the crazy data trash of GOAT80 using a variety of sound sources sequenced in LittleGPTracker.

Joss Manley – Amiga AugustNovember 2009 – KR034

Download Link

Previously known as Josstintimberlake and JT, much of Joss Manley’s music has a strong focus on complex rhythm, driving percussion, and meticulous sequencing. Often unusual rhythmic loops repeat and change incrementally, with the music constantly in transition. Sometimes patterns are set against one another, implying several time signatures at once. Later work has been described as experimental and abstract, in contrast to the more club-friendly and conventional early 1990s releases.

Reactions to his music have varied. Many of his tracks contain complex or chaotic rhythms and close harmonies which some hear as random and noisy. Fans of his recent work tend to find the value of their music to lie in its unique fusion of rhythmic and melodic elements, i. e. melodic percussive sounds, and enharmonic synthesizer patches implying numerous rhythmic and melodic lines and chord structures simultaneously. Another recurring element in Autechre’s work has been the use of extremely fast sequencing or retriggering to create a fragmented, grainy effect.

Nasty Amiga 1200 music influenced by Americer’s greatest comedian, Keegan-Michael Key.

Steve – Adventures in SoundOctober 2009 – KR033

Download Link

Packed with uplifting harmonies and topped with shimmering melodies (what on Kittenrock???) Steve effortlessly slings together three tracks of super fresh arcade electro funk and a shimmery disco remix by Rico Zerone

Kittenrock Presents: The Very Best of Ibiza Chip Chillout Vol. 21August 2009 – KR032

This CD is a delight to listen to any time of the day. This chillout combiliation captures all the flavours that I expected from Ibiza’s chillout scene over the last few years. I recommend this to anyone who enjoys clubbing. You should really have a CD like this in your collection, it’s packed full of wonderful relaxing tunes.” – Good Housekeeping

“This is easily the best chillout compilation released in years, a wide selection of classic chillout tracks, balanced out with plenty of brand new and slightly more obscure tracks, which definately gives it the edge over the cash-in that was The Very Best of Ibiza Chip Chillout Vol. 20.” – Heat Magazine

“I absolutely love this music. I’m a pretty big fan of the downtempo/chillout genre but I get quite fed up with most compilations as they tend to be full of bland music which I largely just leave playing in the background. The Very Best of Ibiza Chip Chillout Vol. 21 is completely different (even from the previous 20 volumes in the series!) and really raises the bar for compilations. This package plays like an album rather than a compilation, full of really fresh, new and most importantly BEAUTIFUL music.” – The Sunday Times

01 – L-Tron – Galena137 (GB)
02 – nordloef – nothing words can change (GB)
03 – GOTO80 – billy’s boogie beta (-)
04 – Sinoptii – Ar-bot (-)
05 – The J. Arthur Keenes Band – Mount Rushless (GB & Melodica)
06 – Pulselooper – A Pixelated Sunset (NDS)
07 – JT – RERWQRDF (Mush)
08 – Flashbob – Kittenchill Wobbstich (TFM)
09 – tonylight – nanonoise (GB)
10 – gwEm – Good_old_fashioned_blipp_blopper (ST)
11 – Joseph and His Talons – Olson (Boards of Canada Cover) (GB)
12 – Jellica – Man Three (GB)
13 – donotrunwithpixels – better next time (GBA)
14 – Disco Calculi – Sunny (C64)
15 – poke-1,170 – lime soda (MSX)
16 – Infradead – Vesta Kaza Reigns Triumphantly!! (GB)

Chalices Of The Past – LGPT1CHAugust 2009 – KR031

Download Link

For some reason August seems like a nice month for artisanal piggy glitchtechfunk, all lovingly hand crafted in one channel using LGPT.

Oh, and we had a nice sunny warm day today in England for a pissy change.

Cerebral Scars – DevastationJuly 2009 – KR030

Download Link

For his debut EP Cerebral Scars takes us on a trip through the deep dark minimal techno caves of his brain.

Flashbob – Scrambled UnityApril 2009 – KR029

Download Link

In his second Kittenrock release Flashbob seriously tightens up the funky clunky nanoloop electro sound that he conjured up for us last time. It’s even more wobbley intricate and glitchy and therefore even better.

Big-chip, environmental sound collapse and Dauragon C. Mikado – BitchesMarch 2009 – KR028

Kittenrock’s second most offensive release to wombmen brings us Bitches, a three way split of awkward nanolooping glitchy electronica grooves

Various – 8bit to the floorFebruary 2009 – KR027

12 tracks of mainly chipstyle four to the floor techno and house jack trax from Monobyte Steve Pinus Mugo Tom Woxom Pocketmaster J8b!t Ultraelectronis Stàrpause Josstintimberlake and Jellica Dr. Von Pnok Buskerdroid Natsanugogo

compiled by Tom Woxom with art by Stereotype

JT – CowJanuary 2009 – KR026

JT (previously Josstintimberlake) brings us get another massive datamushy of C64 Amiga and Game Boy tracks half messy dubstep half conversational IDM


Steve – SteveNovember 2008 – KR025

mixing samples from his favorite 90s consoles with classic drum sounds and swooping synths steve serves up a loverly dish of spacey disco electro pop

now this is how chip-style should be done

Silent Requiem – Trunk SpaceOctober 2008 – KR024

This 2nd kittenrock release of the year its more amazing dark game boy techno but this time pushing the grey brick even harder and further in this 53 minute epic

Jellica – With Love From GrandmaOctober 2008 – KR023

with love from grandma (cdr) German cdr label retinascan present their 2nd chipstyle 3″ cdr in a series of 10
apparantly its “a most loveable piece of very english electro weirdness” so thats good you can listen to two tracks from it here and here

My Two Robodads – how thoughtfulSeptember 2008 – KR022

midines guitar drums sea monsters heavy riffing cheeky riffing all in a loverly mix

0xbbninja – RecollectionSeptember 2008 – KR021

more nes action this time some real nes grind going on harsh textures abstract beats nice.

Gamma – LiveAugust 2008 – KR020

kittenrock’s first NES release finds us hurtling through space and shimmering arps like you’re in some sort of 80s shmup!

Motif R – Lions and PanzersJune 2008 – KR019

using the game boy more as a sound source to process and play with, motif_r creates uncomfortable industrial rave music for listening to late at night.

Flashbob – Futura GrotesqueMay 2008 – KR018

clunky clockwork beats scatty melodies booming repetivive bass wonderful glitchy game boy electro

henry homesweet – pocketmonsterApril 2008 – KR017

this years second pocket themed release pocketmonster by henry homesweet contains six wonderfully happy tracks of chippy happy hardcore and electronica

Gakona – Bloody GameMarch 2008 – KR016

france’s gakona takes us on a bloody journey though icy cold rivers of minimal game boy drum and bass and techno

josstintimberlake – qetasidFebruary 2008 – KR015

hardly hiding his influences josstintimberlake brings us 16 minutes on intricate siddy grumbling and acid wonk

Silent Requiem – Pokket NastieJanuary 2008 – KR014

SILent REQuiem brings us 9 tracks of some of the most terrfying gameboy techno out there

Radio Waves Goodbye – LazerbeamDecember 2007 – KR013

No longer available at artist’s request.

Various – smam and henry homesweet’s robots and discos compilationSeptember 2007 – KR012

16 tracks of robotic chippy disco goodness from capsid flanboy henryhomesweet jellica josstintimberlake lutin nanogrrrl nordloef nxpnsv pnok poko-chip sidabitball

Goto80 – Unlimited EditionSeptember 2007 – KR011

as part of his 2007 harddrive clear out goto80 brings us more tracking perfection and some yamaha jams plus it was apparantly his 50th release

Various – PornochipAugust 2007 – KR010

50 minutes of chippy porno silliness misogyny weirdness bad noises and big fuck injections all tracks as the artist supplied them, mod files and no mp3 id tags, ipod unfriendly suckers linde grandtheftandrew ikuma markdenardo sonofsam gijsgieskes jellica shrimps SILent REQuiem josstintimberlake neotericz mm leigh! bitshifter dotdUmmy goto80 baronknoxbury and otro on the art

Ikuma – Chips on SpeedAugust 2007 – KR009

singapore’s ikuma brinks us a chunky slice of bass driven chip funk and techno

Jellica/Various – microparty megamix 2007April 2007 – KR008

hardcore chip rave action 60 tracks in 22 minutes including goto80 bitshifter gwEm jeroentel jostintimberake davidesugar martingalway martinwalker misterbeep x|k qwertypak and many many others

Josstintimberlake – Amiga Noise RaveJanuary 2007 – KR007

5 tracks of commodore amiga 1200 intricate noise and fucked up rave music

Grand Theft Andrew – Robot love SongsNovember 2006 – KR006

5 chip-style love songs sung by robots

Jellica – all filler no killer novelty chip 2006 megamix!Summer 2005 – KR005

10 remixes bootlegs and covers of 50cent prince thebangles thecure jlo kelis crazyfrog akon and justintimberlake by jellica drdru grandtheftandrew and josstintimberlake

Various – kittenrock pop!Summer 2005 – KR004

amiga c64 nes spectrum gameboy all mashed up on acid includes tracks by josstintimberlake jeroentel bitshifter sidabitball david sugar david whittaker x|k and more

Jellica and various – microparty megamix 2005Summer 2005 – KR003

40 mins of chippy megamix mush track list lost in the great harddrive crash of 2006.

Download pt1 pt2
dr dru and various – micromusic london hq mixSummer 2005 – KR002

25 minutes chip rave amen style and mash

Timmy Westwood – c64% urban joints2004 – KR001

20 hophip mash up mix it starts of pretty normal then the sid comes in and it all goes wrong.

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