aanaaanaaana daily

I picked some of my favorite aanaaanaaanas so far.

Michael Stipe looks really cute in this picture so I played this to my girlfriend because she really likes Michael Stipe and I really like ducks.

There is a lady at work who has lurchers and this song made me hope that she will bring them in to work one day.

This one is dominated by an extensive dog bark solo but the picture has a rabbit in it.

There is a lady at work who really likes donkeys and she sponsors a donkey who lives in a donkey sanctuary.

This one is for all you Square Pusher fans.

These songs make me think about a really drunk man that was telling my friend that he had really fat beats and that he was an MC and he wanted to use his really fat beats to MC over and they were the fattest beats that he had ever heard.

This one is just a fucking cool song about whales and it makes me think about how much better the Sisters of Mercy could be if Andrew Eldritch really cared about whales more.

This song is really euphoric and full of optimism.

This one makes me think about when you live in a house without a cat and there is cat that comes and visits you that lives in someone else’s house.

This one is really menacing and scary.

This one make me think that the producer has a lot of anxiety about bread and warmed up bread and spreadable dairy products.

Every single track sounded like an 8-bit remix of a 20 year old Pizzicato Five B-side.

A moth hung out on our lounge window for a day recently and it was nice to watch it’s fur shiver in the wind.

This one sounds like someone tried to make a song that sounds like Autechre or SOPHIE but then just got bored making a song that sounds like Autechre or SOPHIE.

I like that there are so many songs about animals but this song doesn’t make me think about eagles. They are usually quite far away because they don’t like people much so they are not this menacing.

I saw a red squirrel in Berlin which was nice and I found a dead squirrel with no fur in a bucket in the garden of a flat we rented which was fucking terrifying.

I like this one because when you look at the picture it makes me believe that the cow and the chicken are the best of friends or funny animal siblings. I have a picture at work that I look at when I feel sad where there is a really happy horse and a really happy duckling hanging out and they seem like the best of friends and when I look at it I feel a little bit better.

When I am at work and someone is moaning about something, I like to try and gently sooth them by reassuring them that we won’t have to have that thing after Brexit. People get really annoyed at photocopiers and emails and fire alarms so these are some of the things I know that we won’t have to have any more.