Pulselooper – ØF

Not the Australian ØF, but a sexy new improvisation from Pulselooper. If you are in to improvised electronics then you will probably like these chip feelings.


Kittenrock chip mix for Easter 2017

02. 8-BITchin’tendo & Pixel Nya – Picture of you (feat. GUMI & SONiKA)
call now – 6-6-6-b-l-u-e-s-k-y – DOWNSTATE
Pawlitics by Corpsicle – by
FIXED_ Waterworld (SNES) – Diving
5. Voile _MST -17
Bass Experience-Cow’p-Key Of Solomon
mcdj inyourend_ohhh – yourpussy_my mangina (reallybadrecordingbutIdontcarerightnow)
LMan – Age We Aceeed
Carillon Cyberiad Parallax – Deep – The Psilocybin Mix – Amiga Demo (AGA)
bryface – TROUT LAKE ASSAULT (LSDJ)_261881007_soundcloud
amiga jungleism dAtAsPeAk
VIA by Neurotypical – by
goto80 Advectrobarski (from ST-FM)_308090374_soundcloud
CHR$(255) ymstep+
Ephidrena – Neon Sky (Final) – Amiga Demo – AGA (50 FPS)
Hizmi – ?!(?!!?)
KeFF – W47 D15
Muzak Efron – yeah666

Cheapbeats x Cheapbeats VOL01

This release only has one X in the title, which is more than a little disappointing.

10 dank remixes of and from Tobokegao, HarleyLikesMusic, Monodeer, The Chunderfins, Jellica, Donald Drums, Swerdmurd, Poke-1,170, Graz, Balloonbear, Cheapshot, J3WEL, Please Lose Battle and xyce that show off the diverse range of stuff on the label.

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