Droid-ON – Randomikron

>>> This Nanoloop 2 one works best for me when it isn’t trying to go too dance floor or bass sub genre >>>

>>> It keeps some pretty nice electro grooves flowing with moments of some wobbly analog jam or some 90s Autechre smash hit >>>

>>> There is even a damn song called Bass Cadet >>>

>>> My faves are >>>

Café Simulatto
Rio da Emulação
Tela Preta
Poeira Digital
kinako chan

Jellica – Retrotech Romance

Music by me

Code by 4-Mat

Graphics by Ray Manta

Directory Art by iLKke

Executable 2SID C64 file for emulator or hardware at CSDB or Pouet.

There are also two hidden tracks with nice pictures. I’ve not figured out how see them yet though. Something about renaming the directory or something.

Remixes by Joss Manley, Ray Manta, d_strct and Jetsetclone aka Rico Zerone.

An internet C64 person said that it is awful so I must be doing something right.

Paris Treantafeles – Anatolé

This is not chipmusic but it is really good lofi lovers feelings, spooky boogie basslines and awkward groove.

It is apparently by half of the excellent sea64 project.

bleeds – Entropic State

The first two tracks on this are this super nice game boy hard drum and bass with some real tight drums and nice textures.

The last four tracks are bouncy uplifting game boy techno tracks that I did not enjoy so much.