Balearic Beats Volume 43: Chipmusic Sounds of Summer

Kittenrock and Chippanze present: Balearic Beats vol 43 – Chipmusic sounds of summer.

14 tracks of the types of things you might hear on an Ibiza Chillout compilation CD that your mum might buy from a supermarket, but made using old computers, consoles and trackers.

Fresh tracks from Yerzmyey, Joss Manley, Hypnodrive, Comptroller, Cheapshot, Pulselooper, irrlicht project, tmt, Mr. Spastic, GOTO80, Jellica, Mister Beep, Rico Zerone and Vince Kaichan (and a last minute secret track that didn’t make the deadline!).


an0va – Double Density

Yeah, I’m a bit late to the party. Looking moody with an Amiga is so much cooler than looking moody with a Game Boy.

Get on.

Kittenrock chip mix for February 2017

This one is a bit nostalgic. Bunch of era stuff along some other shit.


David e. Sugar vs Ears – First ok
Lo-bat – A room, broom, guy and a mirror
peeR – Slack
Paza Rahm – Mindfields
GwEm – YM303 Ruffneck
Yerzmyey – Temple of Asherah
Bit Shifter – Parapersona Crash
Muzak Efron – I Wish You Would’ve Died In High School
Overthruster – Tampo1
OM – cityAtNight
Proswell 20101107 towel_
Mark Denardo – Machine
BBC – CuteToKill
Sidabitball vs Screamclub – Smalltown Girl
Mini Melodies – Burt Lancaster
8bit Betty – Was That Away Message for Me?
Bodenständig 2000 RNAY
Blitz Lunar – Zone 1
Chimeratio – Escape From the Lab
Keishi Yonao – Modulationarism
Penny And Ashtray – Python
Qwertypak – Clumsed
Minikomi – skip for love
505 – RoboST
Trimbal – Ym still here

50564: Goto80 vs. Pulselooper

What is it about there being so much great chimpmusics around that is vibing the same vibe as me right now?

I went to a gig the other night and there were these guys with racks of fancy wires and it seemed pretty popular for moody guy improvisation but I like this more.


Logic Bomb – Live at Microking, 6 Mai 2006, Neuchatel, Swisse



Logic Bomb was one of the first next level shit Game Boy musicians I heard, avoiding the usual nostalgic tropes and going for a more modern feelings. Ha, like I’m not getting nostalgic for 2006 right now.

Beyond an 8bp release and a few things on, there doesn’t appear to be much of his Game Boy stuff around online. A real shame because he seems to have a whole bunch of things that were never released properly.

This is cheeky live bootleg is from b4 he became a psychedelic trance dude from Sweden or something. The first half is pretty good singy songy stuff and the second half is where the rave action starts. I also chucked in my faves from, since you can’t seem to get an account for downloads anymore.

Fuck streaming download this.