Radiograffiti Amiga releases

Hexadeci – XL65

This one goes on a full on 90s rave assault, noisy breaks and industrial bleep feelings. Remember when Warp Records were still cool? Yeah that. You can buy some vinyl as well.

misery​.​dev – select

Missed this nice looking 7″ when it was released in July. The A side starts off all 90s with some Drexciyan beats and bass arps. The B side comes on all underground 80s eurodisco. The kind of track you come across when you are flicking though terrible Italo records and you find some cool industrial tinged B side.

Sorry, I feel so lazy calling describing something as 90s sounding but I was in some young persons clothing store the other day and the hoodies all had designs that were so Designers Republic that it is still on my mind several days later.