Website fixings

Most stuff should now be fixed. Thanks for everyone who contacted me.

I’ve corrected a bunch of dead links for some of the older releases that were hosted on Lazerbeat‘s old webspace. I guess I missed updating some of the links when we moved from the test website he had hosted and when I fucked up the old website he built.

There are however still a bunch of dead links to other websites that hosted some of the older releases. Lots of the old preview links are dead too because they were from the days before you fucks had streaming everything on your dickhead portable multimedia devices. :P

Wow, there are even links to artist MySpace pages.

I’m trying to contact artists and update where I can.

If anyone has any of the following releases stored somewhere you might make me happy:

My Two Robodads – How Thoughtful – from 2008
Grand Theft Andrew – Robot love Songs – from 2006