Kittenrock chip mix for February 2017

This one is a bit nostalgic. Bunch of era stuff along some other shit.


David e. Sugar vs Ears – First ok
Lo-bat – A room, broom, guy and a mirror
peeR – Slack
Paza Rahm – Mindfields
GwEm – YM303 Ruffneck
Yerzmyey – Temple of Asherah
Bit Shifter – Parapersona Crash
Muzak Efron – I Wish You Would’ve Died In High School
Overthruster – Tampo1
OM – cityAtNight
Proswell 20101107 towel_
Mark Denardo – Machine
BBC – CuteToKill
Sidabitball vs Screamclub – Smalltown Girl
Mini Melodies – Burt Lancaster
8bit Betty – Was That Away Message for Me?
Bodenständig 2000 RNAY
Blitz Lunar – Zone 1
Chimeratio – Escape From the Lab
Keishi Yonao – Modulationarism
Penny And Ashtray – Python
Qwertypak – Clumsed
Minikomi – skip for love
505 – RoboST
Trimbal – Ym still here

Best of Kittenrock

We’ve been around for over 10 years so here is a selection of some of my favorite tracks that we have released over the years.

Part one is mostly Game Boy stuff because there is so much fucking Game Boy stuff and Part two is more of a mix of things.



Part 1

Secret Lab – Divisione Generale (KR060)
Bit Shifter – Cock block disco (KR010)
CS – Devastation – Delicate minds (KR030)
kraettz – Acid Drop (KR051)
Dot.AY – Dandyceratops (KR047)
kraettz – High Camp (KR072)
Droid Song – Night (KR052)
ovenrake – DOCTORSURFGRL (KR042)
Ikuma – 4×4 (KR0090)
Silent Requiem – In The Back!!! (KR014)
Gijs Gieskes – Puzy99 (KR010)
Dauragon – Done (KR069)
Gakona – mtfwmb (KR016)
infradead – Bureau of Nanomation (KR056)
Downstate – Coin Paint (KR058)
Flashbob – Bottom Wrap (KR029)

Part 2

DS 10 dominator – Get In The Groove, Shoegazekid (KR036)
MISTER BEEP – 1 bit synthetic (KR057)
mB – Corsair (KR053)
Steve – I Wish Vectorman Was Here (KR025)
biographs – Up on The Clouds of Somethingness (KR063)
Josstintimberlake – lifeglug (KR007)
Chalices of the Past – Crossed Swords//Medieval Bad Dudes (KR035)
Linde – Beige Boxes (KR062)
motif R – LIONS & PANZERS (KR019)
Tom Woxom – Diego (KR027)
IRRLICHT PROJECT – galaxzija 10 (KR067)
gamma – distress beacon (KR020)
0x03ninja – Rave Suckers (KR021)
Disco Calculi – Sunny (KR032)
poke-1,170 – lime soda (KR032)
Jellica & Dr Dru – I wld di 4 u (KR004)
Joss Manley – voouv (KR054)
Zazi – koreansubsinnewyorkharbor (KR055)
FuturNari – RESULT (KR045)