Cheapbeats roundup

I’ve been meaning to do a round up of cheapbeats releases for while now. I’m pretty much skipping all the MASSIVE dance floor with MASSIVE drops stuff and the cute melody stuff because I like to imagine that they probably would have managed to garner more than 10 likes on a Facebook post.

Anyway, not only is cheapbeats a great internet search to find a great deal on fashion headphones, it is also a label of chipmusics that is quite good, so none of you should take my sarky comments seriously in any way.

gwEm – Glowsticks & Special Brew

gwEm is probably the Atari 90s rave master. I once had a conversation with him in the back of a car and, before that moment, I never knew that anyone could take Scooter seriously. But it seems gwEm does, and the world is probably a better place for it.

Stream or download for some $$$ at Bandcamp

Hizmi – New Power

This is probably one of the most interesting releases on Cheapbeats. Smooth lover grooves coupled with clunks and bleeps. I cannot think of anything else that could be classified as chipmusic that sounds anything like this. Check out his other releases, some really great techno and stuff.

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Matt Nida – Particle Theory

Really warm acidy beep music. Plenty of early 90s Warp feelings. I once bumped in to him at Cambridge train station after he had been trying on wedding suits. Yeah.

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Little-Scale – Manila Mafia

I guess this release sounds like what footwork might be if it was warmer and less street.

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Jellica – Untitled

I made this. I don’t really like to self release. Just me making more squelchy spaced out electro stuff.

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Mr. Spastic – Granta Digital

It’s “Scope” now, but Mr Scope doesn’t feel right does it?

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gwEm – Dreamsfake

gwEm goes straight up 90s UK rave pop cheese and just doesn’t give a fuck with that David Guetta accapella. Have you seen how long the wikipedia entry about “when love takes over” is? Fucking hell.

Stream or download for some $$$ at Bandcamp

Poke-1,170 – Cryptochrome

Reminds me a lot of early Autechre and Drexciya. Really great weird/dark 90s electro made with FM and MSX. His brother once managed to convince my girlfriend that they didn’t have David Bowie in the Netherlands. Perfect.

Stream or download for some $$$ at Bandcamp

Cheapshot – Obsidian

Nice bleep techno from Cheapbeats boss, Cheapshot. I tried to say hello to him at a gig in London once. These awkward chipmusic celebrity stories sure are cool huh? I’ve slept in the same room as Nullsleep. It was a pretty big room though.

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Saitone – Dazzle

I’m just going to copy/past Bryface’s Bandcamp review because I cannot think of anything to write about this release.

“Put this EP in front of a critic who wrongly says chip music is incapable of utterly mind-expanding complexity and watch that person explode from the sheer force of the album’s kaleidoscopic intelligence rays. Music to build entire universes to.”

Stream or download for some $$$ at Bandcamp

HarleyLikesMusic – 1​.​5

Yeah, this is MASSIVE music with MASSIVE drops and shit, but it never dwells on the cheesier moments for too long and it fucks with you at a such a crazy pace, I just had to include it.

Stream or download for some $$$ at Bandcamp

Kittenrock chip mix for November 2016

Old and new chipmusic and tracker music and 8bit and 4bit and 1bit or whatever music I have discovered recently, along with a few old favourites. – 01 STTC
4mat – ad-astra
Jammer – Mr Marvellous
hizmi – Pndlm-01
nq – DcDd
stu – sparrow in space
suzuki mamiko (firedrill remix) – ????????
automatonsubsys – guilty heart
Tom Foolery and the Family Jewellery – Format Substitution
vcmg – Romanian Winter
Zabutom – Everything is a Symptom

The first track is a bit long but bear with it, it’s great.

Don Goliath ft. The Rasta Minions

Fresh release! Chip style reggae with wobbley robot vocals. I’m hoping that someone spent ages programming text to speech phonetically in a Jamaican accent. It’s cute, funky and full of sing along moments like a vocal hook from that song what was sampled in that Prodigy track.