Chip Selection January 2016

A new hour of chip music for January 2016, some classics, some new stuff from 2015, some dance floor, some weirdness.



???? – Contra Overdrive
Huoratron – Male Bonding
Peer – Dance 1
Tree Wave – plentyc
Ultrasyd – A Tribute to Nothing
Ben Daglish – Dark Fusion
Plain Flavored – LITTLE(WRIST)
Conrad – Electrozombie Generation
hizmi – Swoop
foots – eliza
Tumble & Toast – Flyvefisk
LMan – 808 Love
markus schrodt – i amar prestar aen
Tim Follin – Time Trax Title Theme
Trey Frey – Cruise Control (Original Edit)
Jammer – Odyssey

Tumble & Toast – Knallert Forbudt EP

Laid back instrumental beats mixed with Game Boy twinkles and textures. I wish there was more slow Game Boy music. The third track slaps it down a bit too wide with its big synths and piano riffs but the first two tracks have a great austere groove.