Best of Kittenrock

We’ve been around for over 10 years so here is a selection of some of my favorite tracks that we have released over the years.

Part one is mostly Game Boy stuff because there is so much fucking Game Boy stuff and Part two is more of a mix of things.



Part 1

Secret Lab – Divisione Generale (KR060)
Bit Shifter – Cock block disco (KR010)
CS – Devastation – Delicate minds (KR030)
kraettz – Acid Drop (KR051)
Dot.AY – Dandyceratops (KR047)
kraettz – High Camp (KR072)
Droid Song – Night (KR052)
ovenrake – DOCTORSURFGRL (KR042)
Ikuma – 4×4 (KR0090)
Silent Requiem – In The Back!!! (KR014)
Gijs Gieskes – Puzy99 (KR010)
Dauragon – Done (KR069)
Gakona – mtfwmb (KR016)
infradead – Bureau of Nanomation (KR056)
Downstate – Coin Paint (KR058)
Flashbob – Bottom Wrap (KR029)

Part 2

DS 10 dominator – Get In The Groove, Shoegazekid (KR036)
MISTER BEEP – 1 bit synthetic (KR057)
mB – Corsair (KR053)
Steve – I Wish Vectorman Was Here (KR025)
biographs – Up on The Clouds of Somethingness (KR063)
Josstintimberlake – lifeglug (KR007)
Chalices of the Past – Crossed Swords//Medieval Bad Dudes (KR035)
Linde – Beige Boxes (KR062)
motif R – LIONS & PANZERS (KR019)
Tom Woxom – Diego (KR027)
IRRLICHT PROJECT – galaxzija 10 (KR067)
gamma – distress beacon (KR020)
0x03ninja – Rave Suckers (KR021)
Disco Calculi – Sunny (KR032)
poke-1,170 – lime soda (KR032)
Jellica & Dr Dru – I wld di 4 u (KR004)
Joss Manley – voouv (KR054)
Zazi – koreansubsinnewyorkharbor (KR055)
FuturNari – RESULT (KR045)

Captive Portal – Laughing Turkeys EP – December 2015 – KR073

Captive Portal – Laughing Turkeys EP December 2015 – KR073

The second track had me cracking up with some crazy frog feelings and then there is a funky one and then a weird one and its xhrist mas as well. Also includes original tracker files.

Tumble & Toast – Knallert Forbudt EP

Laid back instrumental beats mixed with Game Boy twinkles and textures. I wish there was more slow Game Boy music. The third track slaps it down a bit too wide with its big synths and piano riffs but the first two tracks have a great austere groove.

Weekly Treats

You want loads of fucking free chip music? Check out Weekly Treats. It was a bunch of different curators choosing different stuff but now each year is available in single handy downloads. Sure there is probably some naff stuff but most tastes are covered with plenty of different styles represented. 195 traxx. Respect to Andrew for his hard work.

Plain Flavored – Gameboy Braggadocio

I’m not really sure what that title is about. I guess Game Boys can convey a sense of fighting ability, financial wealth and coolness. Beautiful psychedelic beeps and funky chaotic beats.

░▒▓ – ≡/∩

░▒▓ aka 176177178 put out a new release of pops and crackles which he has described as lofi glitchy field recordings. ░▒▓ is probably JM aka Joss Manley aka Josstintimberlake and this is probably not 8bit music.

8bitpeoples mix tape thing (Some 8bp favorites)

I put together a selection of 90 minutes of my some of favorite 8bitpeoples stuff to listen to on my bike. All this jazz can be downloaded from for free or some dollars.



Trash80 – Icarus (8bp086)
She – Pioneer (8bp069)
Kplecraft – 5114 (8bp120)
Psilodump – Adventures Beyond Challenge (8bp114)
Lo-bat – Twinkle (8bp042)
Yerzmyey – Im35 (8bp129)
Savid Dugar – Bang (8bp060)
8GB – Lemon Prize (xtndd mix) (8bp093)
Amu – Donald E Knuths dub dream bass mix (8bp112)
Starpause – Blitter Baiter (8bp097)
Sabastian Boaz – Fresh Feelings (8bp026)
Gordon Strombola – Techno Fitness (8bp072)
Goto80 – Ter4 (8bp044)
Damo – Deep Blue (8bp119)
Gijs Gieskes – Shaoar (8bp082)
Animal Style – Slash Back (8bp106)
Poke-1,170 – Panatec (8bp126)
Stu – Megablast (8bp081)
Usk – Little Sound Sisko04 (8bp062)
L-tron – User Error (8bp132)
x|k – The Bytemaster (8bp046)
Mr Spastic – Lucid (8bp122)
Orloc – Nowhere Between Buildings (8bp134)
Linde – Satellites (8bp107)

Poke-1,170 – Virtigo

Considering it’s an electronic form of music, there are still a lot of types of modern electronic music that remain fairly unexplored in a chipmusic way. Sure, there are a few people making popular EDM style stuff but there are very few making freaky techno, electro, acid and other genres I suppose you might bundle under unlikeable terms like IDM, Braindance or electronica.

This new MSX release from Amiga VJ Poke-1,170 on 8bitpeoples fits into this category perfectly with its crisp electro beats, spooky droning pads and rumbling FM bass. Perfect 90s nostalgia that sounds like early Autechre and Drexciya, which is a good thing.

You can download it for free at