New Chip Selection Summer 2018


more stuff with random chipmusic and tracker delvings from the internet

Alien Soldier – From Objector
HIZMI – opmdemo
Abandoned on Fire – Transit
8GB – Piolaboy (featuring Fauna)[zzk vol.2 master]
Buddha – Like Amiga Style
Linde – Cracked by Laika
Linus – I dug graves youll never find
4mat – Nathalie (demo)_326786819_soundcloud
rico z – virginsdoitbest_duB2018_2
zabutom – Turquoise Hexagon Sun (Boards of Canada C64 Cover)
AceMan – The Scrollermaker
poke-1,170 corrupt file
CRTC – Mode Infinity
Goto80 – Jazzpjazz
sylcmyk sega-zone Sega Zone

more weekly beats 2018


i love how this checking out chip stuff in weekly beats 2018 thing has basically just become a nullsleep fan blog.

oh and dont forget bleo tracker music fans. sorry i cant be fucked to make any fan art for him.

rmk hasnt posted in weeks :(((((((((

HarleyLikesMusic – Steel City Zone

i guess i probably wouldn’t normally post about LSDJ dance bangers but this release is pretty fun, focusing on heavy rhythms and cowbell samples rather than endless uplifting melodies.

asa9000 – Amiga Tech Dance

I can’t work this one out.

Either it’s a genius abstract deconstruction of Amiga tradscene music, or it’s a total mess.

That’s probably why I’m enjoying it.